Elephant Bareback Riding

Elephant Bareback Riding trip will take you to the exciting trail. Your elephant will take you from the camp into the rain forest in the fascinating mountains with green cliffs special to this area.

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Elephant Trekking in the jungle

Elephant Trekking trip. Sitting on the chair on elphant's back and see all around the wild trip. The elphant will take you to the jungle and seeing the see view. The blue sea and green mountain just in front of your eyes. There is a special view just only our camp.

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Showering with Elephants

A Spacial activity that you can have just only from our camp no other like this is Showering with elephant. This activity allowe you to showering with elephants, playing with them closely. There is a big fun that you will have from here.

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Elephant Care

Elephant interaction tour at Pangchangkamala Elephant Camp. Learning how to be " An Elephant Keeper ". To be up close with asian elephants, cuddle a baby elephant, feeding, shower and swimming with elephants, bathing, cleaning and observing elephants splashing dust and clay.

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Feeding the Elephant

Feeding the elephant with your hands. Be up close with the elephants, touching them with love and you can feel in love with the elephants.

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Playing with elephants and shows

Pangchangkamala Elephant Camp Phuket provide the exciting and fun with the elephants which is showering and playing with them. The elephant will take you and make an shower for you and an spacial show by take you up to the sky by thier trunk.

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Walking in the jungle and waterfall

Our activity of the wild is walking thru the jungle. You will be walking into the jungle trail with surrounding of the rain forest. Hearing the wild birds sing and touching the tree in the jungle then playing and shower in the private natural waterfall.

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Wedding and Model Photograph

Pang Chang Kamala Provide a good elephant for your to take the photo with for the spacial events such as the wedding photograph and Model photograph. Event and TV programe or the Advetsing produces. Come to make the good photo and VDO with our elephants here.

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Ceremony and Events

Pang Chang Kamala provide the elephant to go to your ceremony to make the spacial events for your spacial day such as the Wedding ceremony, The Grand Openning or other events with Thai and International theme.

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Bathing Elephants in the Sea

Amazing bathing elephants in the sea on the beautiful beach. The natural seen that you and the elephants playing togerther and having fun on the beach under the sun.

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Join us @ Elephant Camp -- here you are

PANG CHANG KAMALA Elephant Camp Phuket Thailand. Pang Chang Kamala Elephant Camp Phuket is a most femoust tourist spot for Thai and foreign guests. The elephants are the national animal of Thailand and features prominently in its history, traditions and folklore. For centuries rural Thai villagers would use elephants to help in the harvest of crops while the Thai military relied on elephants in their series of wars. Nowaway, elephants are kept and protected by the law for reserve and takecare for thier kine.


PANG CHANG KAMALA is a place that reserve and caring elephants. Elephants here be trained by good elephant keepers, therefore the elephants are good and friendly with people. One of a good and exciting Elephant Camp in Phuket is PangchangKamala where is the secret of the natural and wild life are hiding here. Come and see and touching the sence of nature ,here in Thailand.

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